Brake Services

We offer custom brake service plans for your individual needs.

Whether it's the brake pads, brake disks, brake fluid, emergency brake, you-name-it, we can spot the faulty part and make the replacement.

Give us a call or bring your car to the shop to make a plan with our mechanics that works best for you and your vehicle`s safety.

Our Brake Services

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Brake Pads

Brake pads that are getting old will make a screeching sound letting the driver know that it is time to replace the pads.

To maintain safety at the wheel, we highly suggest replacing old brake pads.

  • Improve vehicle braking time
  • Stop that screeching sound you hear
  • Maintained brakes insure passenger safety
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Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is important to maintain the pressure of the brake lines and insure that your brakes work correctly when you need to stop.

Let us take care of the messy brake fluid and you can drive safe.

  • Quality brake fluid stock
  • Old fluid recycling
  • Improve brake system longevity and safety
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Brake Disks

Brake disks provide the brake pads a clean and durable surface to grab onto. We offer disk replacement and repair.

Old or dirty brake disks can lead to bad pad wear and unstable braking.

  • Manufactures parts or aftermarket
  • Improve brake system longevity
  • Drive relaxed knowing your vehicle is safe
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Safety Check

Safety is the most important part of a vehicle check up. We can make sure that your brakes are functioning normally and diagnosis any issues we find.

Our trained mechanics have years of experience and can spot errors and faults in vehicles.

  • Professional brake testing tools
  • Many options for brake system replacements
  • Go to sleep feeling safe