Cooling and Heating Services

Nobody likes cold winters and frozen windshields. And during the hot summers its nice to take a break in the air conditioning.

We can diagnosis and fix your heating and cooling issues, whether it`s to due with your engine temperatures or your cabin temperatures we can solve the problem.

Give us a call or bring your car to the shop to make a plan with our mechanics that works best for you and your vehicle`s health.

Our Cooling and Heating Services

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Air Conditioning

You deserve to have your cool vehicle on a hot day. Let us take a look and give you back your cold air again.

We offer cabin heating and air conditioning services as well as heated seat replacements.

  • A/C coolant top-ups
  • Fix your cold air and get some summer relief
  • Quality replacement parts and fair prices
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It is a safety hazard if your defrost does not work in Victoria winters. The heater is important to dry the cabin and give you better visibility.

We offer full heating diagnostics and parts replacements.

  • Heater core replacements
  • Diagnosis of electronics in the cabin
  • Get your defrost back and feel cozy in your warm vehicle
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Engine Temperatures

If your temperature gauge on your dashboard is too high or too low, let us take a look and we will fix it.

High temperatures can lead to engine overheating, especially during the summer months.

  • Diagnosis the cause of the problem
  • Our labor is cheapest in town
  • Improve engine performance and temperatures
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Radiator Service

The radiator is a important part of the engine as it regulates engine temperatures.

If the radiator is out of coolant or has sprung a leak it is a important an urgent fix.

  • Coolant top ups and radiator flushes
  • Full radiator replacements
  • Leaky tubing replacements