Engine Replacements

We are a fully equipped shop to handle engine rebuilds and replacements.

We offer consulting, help with acquiring parts, full rebuilds, replacements, diagnosis and anything else you want to do with your engine.

We love working on hot rods and custom cars as well as the average joe's engine. Whatever vehicle you have, we would love to help you out and complete your engine swap.

Give us a call or bring your car to the shop to make a plan with our mechanics that works best for you and what you need done.

Our Engine Services

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Full Engine Replacements

Sometimes your engine has completely broken down and it is financially more efficient to just take out the whole engine and replace it.

  • Manufactures engines sourced locally
  • Honest prices and quality work
  • Don't send your car to the junkyard
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Engine Rebuilds

If you want to rebuild a hot-rod, a old hobby vehicle engine, your daily driver, whatever you drive; we can assist you in bringing your goals to reality.

  • Manufacture`s parts or aftermarket stock
  • Work with our team and get what you want done
  • Improve engine performance and vehicle resell value
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Diagnosis and Consulting

Engine problems can be a real big stress sometimes. Let us help you by taking a look with our professional diagnostic equipment. We can lead you in the right direction.

  • Find the source of your engine troubles
  • Get a idea of what needs to be done
  • We can help you source the parts
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Individual Part Replacements

You may only need one or two parts replaced in your engine. We can do the repairs for individual faulty parts and replace parts if you are concerned about engine reliability.

  • Save money and replace only the parts you need
  • Fair prices, we won't gouge you for extras
  • Help you get back on the road quickly