Exhaust Services

We offer custom exhaust services for anything you need done. We do full exhaust replacements of aftermarket and manufacture`s brands.

We also can do repairs on your exhaust to patch small holes or re-attach a falling pipe.

Come by the shop or give us a call to make a plan for your vehicle.

Our Exhaust Services

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Catalytic Converter

A working catalytic converter will improve the air quality around us. The converter grabs carbon from your engine emissions.

A failing catalytic convert will block exhaust flow and reduce engine performance.

  • Manufacture`s or aftermarket parts
  • Give the planet a boost and reduce air pollution
  • Improve engine performance and fuel consumption
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Exhaust Replace

If you are in need of replacing your exhaust system, we can help you pick the right options for your vehicle and install your product.

  • Manufacture`s Parts or aftermarket stock
  • Replace rotten metal parts
  • Make your vehicle louder or quieter, your choice.
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We install stock and aftermarket mufflers at our shop. Whatever you want to put on your vehicle we can make it happen.

  • Your parts our our parts
  • Muffler repairs included
  • High end or low end part options
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Exhaust Welding

We are a fully equipped shop to offer exhaust welding services. If you need a small repair done or a big job we got it covered. Leaks and holes in your exhaust can be a safety hazard if they leak into the cabin.

  • Fix leaks and holes
  • Attach new components to your exhaust system
  • Clean welds and experienced mechanics