Tire Services

Whether you have a flat tire, need a full new set installed, tire rotation, balancing, or anything else you need. We got you covered.

We have two heavy duty lifts and a tire demounting station that we use to maintenance tires.

Give us a call or bring your car to the shop if you need some tire work done for a good honest price.

Our Tire Services

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Tire Repair

Sometimes we are unlucky and run over a screw or nail. We can repair your tire if the damage is not too dramatic. Let us take a look before you buy a new tire.

  • Fix your leaky tires
  • Patch small holes in tire tread
  • Determine if your tires need to be replaced.
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Tire Rotation

Tire rotation is important to keep the wear of your tires even and maintain the longevity of your tread. We can swap your tires around so that they will last longer and drive safer.

  • Improve your tread longevity
  • Tire rotation is also a good time to balance the tires
  • Make safer turns on the road as bald treads on any wheel is unsafe
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Tire Balancing

A properly balanced tire set will provide a much smoother ride and less steering sway. We can adjust each tire of your vehicle so that your tread wears evenly and you steer straight.

  • Fresh new belts for any vehicle in stock
  • Stop that annoying squeaking noise
  • Improve engine torque
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Air Pressure

Tires need to be at their proper PSI or else they can cause bad wear on the treads and not perform in rain and snow as they should.

  • Precise PSI measurement tools
  • Filled to manufacture`s recommended PSI
  • Improve your fuel mileage and driving safety