Tune Up

We offer custom tune-up plans for your individual needs.

Whether it's the spark plugs, a fan belt, engine timing, fuel injectors, you-name-it, we can spot the issue and tune up your vehicle to top performance.

Give us a call or bring your car to the shop to make a plan with our mechanics that works best for you and your vehicle`s health.

Our Tune Up Checklist

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Spark Plugs

Dirty or misfiring spark plugs can cause damage to your engine and poor gas mileage. We can replace them if your vehicle needs new ones.

  • Diesel or Gasoline parts
  • Tuned to your engines specifications
  • Improve engine performance and fuel consumption
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Fuel Injectors

Fuel Injectors are important for your engine health and fuel millage. We can replace them with quality parts as part of our tune up.

  • Manufacture`s Parts or aftermarket stock
  • Fix your bad fuel mileage
  • Improve vehicle longevity
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Belt Check

Old belts can cause your engine to have a annoying squealing sound. Or in the worst case they can break completely. We will take a look to make sure your safe.

  • Fresh new belts for any vehicle in stock
  • Stop that annoying squeaking noise
  • Improve engine torque
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Battery Checkup

We use a voltmeter to check your voltage on your battery to make sure your vehicle won't fail to start. We offer battery replacements and checkups.

  • Professional battery testing tools
  • Many options for battery replacement
  • Improve your alternator lifespan